A replacement car with OC offender

A replacement car with OC offender

Obtaining a replacement car when our vehicle is not usable as a result of an accident or collision is not necessarily associated with any additional costs. Who and on what basis do you have a replacement car from the OC of the perpetrator?

For a long time insurers did not want to pay for replacement car rental. When insurance companies covered costs, they did it only for people running a business.

However, the case is now clear – it was examined by the Supreme Court, which in the resolution indicated that the injured have the right to reimbursement of the costs of hiring a replacement car, regardless of the purpose for which it is used.

Who is the substitute car from the OC offender?

Samochód zastÄ™pczy z OC sprawcy

In connection with the above, the replacement car with OC of the perpetrator is entitled to everyone – not only to entrepreneurs or people having a problem with using public transport. This is a great convenience – we can get a replacement car for commuting, shopping, for trips.

It is worth pointing out, however, that an insurer may refuse to pay for a replacement car when the victim has another car.

For how long can you hire a replacement car?

The time of hiring a replacement car depends on the time of repairing the vehicle – therefore, the replacement vehicle can be used from the moment the damage occurs until the car is received from the workshop.

In the event that the car has been completely destroyed and the injured person has to buy a new one, the rental costs should be refunded until the date of purchase of the other vehicle. However, you can not drag it forever.

What replacement car can we rent?

The restrictions in the exit also apply to the type of replacement car. First of all, this vehicle cannot be of a higher class than the vehicle in use. In addition, the rates for renting a vehicle cannot be higher than the average rental rates on the local market.

Can a replacement car be rented without cash?

Yes, it is possible and even advisable. Not everyone can afford to cover the costs of renting a car, therefore, a non-cash rental will not damage our home budget.

It is worth to opt for a rental company that will be able to offer us a non-cash rental. Then the company renting the vehicles settles in the insurer, so the victim does not have to pay out of his own pocket.

Can you tow a car at the insurer’s cost?

When the vehicle is no longer suitable for driving, the costs of towing it to the workshop or other designation of the place may be covered by the offender’s liability policy.

However, it is worth pointing out that insurers may question the costs incurred by us. According to the law, the aggrieved party should minimize costs. It may turn out that the insurer will question the number of invoices for towing when they exceed the average rates on local markets.

Therefore, when we are an injured person and our car is not suitable for further driving, we can get a replacement car from the OC of the perpetrator – also very convenient, because without cash. We can rent a car, among others, in rental companies, and in dealerships.

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