How to pay extra tax from PIT to the Tax Office?

How to pay extra tax from PIT to the Tax Office?

It is not uncommon for a taxpayer to pay an extra tax when settling a PIT. How should we pay so that the money reaches our Tax Office on time?

The tax payment appears first of all when it was paid in premiums at too low a tax rate. For example, contributions paid by the employer were slightly lower due to rounding. Of course, we will also pay the tax when we get to a higher tax threshold. Either way, we will have to deliver the money to the Office on time.

When do we have to pay extra tax from PIT?

Jak dopłacić podatek z PIT do Urzędu Skarbowego?

As in the case of a PIT tax return, we have the same deadline, namely the end of April. Therefore, we should pay the tax due to our annual settlement during this time, but we do not have to do these two activities at the same time, as the law indicates.

Thus, both the delivery of the PIT document and the payment of the tax can be made on two different dates, but we must remember to do so until the end of April.

How can we make a deposit?

The payment must be forwarded to the Tax Office competent for our place of residence, i.e. we pay where we place our PIT document. Of course, we can submit this document electronically, via the internet, but then we pay the deposit to the account of the Office to which we addressed the document.

We generally have two methods of payment – cash and non-cash, and we can choose the one that will be the most convenient for us.

Tax payment at the office of the Tax Office

We pay in cash the amount found in the PIT document. This is the most convenient option when we place the document on the spot because we can arrange everything in one go. However, let us remember that when we are submitting a document at the end of April, queues for cash registers can be very long, which is why we can have a little character in them.

Tax payment by bank transfer

Therefore, a more convenient solution will be a transfer. Here we also have two options – we can make a transfer at a Poczta Polska outlet or in a bank window or we can order it via the internet. Payment via the Internet will be the most convenient – we will be able to settle everything without having to leave the house.

It is worth pointing out that the cash payment form to the Tax Office will require to be issued in a different way than in the case of a regular transfer. We must include information such as the recipient of the transfer, i.e. the Tax Office, to which we send the payment, its account number, amount, our identifier with the type, for example, PESEL or NIP , and we must specify the name of the tax form, to which we pay tax, and indicate the period for which we settle our account.

Therefore, when we want to pay tax in the window, we choose the appropriate form, which allows a transfer to the account of the tax authority. When we make a transfer from our online account, we also choose the right type of transfer and often we do not have to enter the account number – after selecting the Tax Office, the number will be completed automatically, which reduces the risk of mistakes.

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