Personalized payment card

Personalized payment card


Do you want your payment card to be just as unique as you? It’s possible! More and more banks face the expectations of their clients and offer them the opportunity to receive personalized payment cards. What does this type of service consist of?

Usually, when we receive a payment card, it has a standard graphic design for a given bank. Usually, on the card, there is a bank logo. However, when you want to stand out, in this case, you should think about the card with your own photograph – now we can make it in several different banks as a payment card to your account or as a credit card. It works the same as a regular card, but it looks completely different!

The card with its own photograph will be one of a kind – it’s a perfect proposition for individualists who want to have a card different from everyone else. How can we make it? Can any image appear on the card? Is this type of service associated with additional costs?

How do I get a card with my own photograph?

Spersonalizowana karta płatnicza

First of all, let’s check if our bank gives us this opportunity. Most large banks have such an option in their offer, including mBank, ING Bank Śląski, and PKO Bank Polski. We can find information on the website of your bank or branch.

If you already have an account in the bank where you want to make a card, log in to our account in online banking, choose the appropriate offer from the tab, and then follow the instructions.

When it comes to photographs that we can put on the card, the bank usually gives us a choice of ready-made designs, for example in such categories as animals, hobbies, nature, Poland, abstraction, travels, to mention some of them. Of course, we can also load your own picture, but there are some limitations.

What cannot we put on a personalized card?

• trademarks and logos

• images of famous characters

• content protected by copyright

• personal data and passwords

• content contrary to good customs

Therefore, when our photo does not correspond to the terms of service, the bank may refuse to provide us with a personalized card.

The time of card execution is usually a few days, and then it is sent to the customer. We usually have it at home within 1-2 weeks, depending on the bank. We must remember to activate it before the first use of the card – usually, you can do it in your online banking service.

How much does the card with your own photo cost?

Banks use different price lists and payment methods in this case. We can pay once or the fee will be charged regularly from our bank account. For example, a one-off fee for issuing such a card may amount to PLN 15 or the bank may issue a card for free and then charge us a monthly fee of PLN 2.

The fee will also be charged when we want to change the image on our payment card to another one. A detailed list of fees can be found in the tariffs of fees and commissions, so it is worth to read it before making a card.

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